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Need balance and connection to Source Energy?
Discover by unlocking your intuition in this course!

Tap Into Your Magic course is designed to help people connect more deeply with their Intuition, and understand how Energy communicates through their body. It is a beautiful gift to know that our connection with Divine Guidance allows us to work with Energy to benefit our body and life.

Join me to Unlock your Intuition & Own your Energy!

Global Heart Healing Community

Join us in Global Heart Healing Community to spread the contagion of healing love and light around the world.Global Heart Healing community is a space for people all over the world to connect and heal. Here, you can participate in online group events, dive into our handpicked healing tools in the conscious content library, interact with our conscious group and consider personal healing sessions with our gifted practitioners.

Global Heart Healing Intention Meditation

About Joy

Joy Harris,
Intuitive Energy Healer

Hello, and thank you for coming here to meet me!Certified in the Emotion/Body Code and Chakra Healing; I am an upbeat, happy person and have always been heart-led. My nature is solution-oriented and analytical, consequently I enjoy researching the best solution to help people to thrive. I believe in the possible!My MISSION is to Spread a contagion of Healing Love around the World ๐Ÿ’–
Help Co-Create an uplifting resonance for Healing the GLOBAL HEART ๐Ÿ’ซ
Create Connections and Cultivate Peace to help heal our Earth Home๐ŸŒ
I find great joy in Energy Healing, as it makes the world a better place.I love people, animals and nature โ€” I have always liked helping people and I believe that weโ€™re all supposed to thrive. If you want to be happy and you also want to help your family live strong and fulfilling lives, less stress and more bliss, then you will enjoy working with me!